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Why choose Geo Reno & Construction?

 At Geo Reno & Construction Ltd. we aim to give our clients quality craftsmanship in a friendly & courteous manner. We are a family owned company and have been in operation in Calgary and surrounding area since 2011, where we have built a solid reputation for quality work.Our company has completed a diverse range of projects - from small renovations and additions, to the construction of new buildings.

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Calgary Brick Masonry Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

 No matter if you have an old vintage home and want to repair a crumbling brick corner, or if you need a new brick chimney built from scratch, we will take care of your every need. If it’s brick, Geo Reno & Construction is qualified to make it perfect. In fact, our brickwork is built to last. Bricks are often selected for their durability, but without the right care, your bricks will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. The great thing about bricks is that you can often repair problems instead of replacing the entire structure. On the other hand, if problems are allowed to build up, your brickwork will start to incur structural damage. Allow our team of highly qualified professionals to identify and complete any necessary brick repair and maintenance so that you can save money and avoid big problems down the road. If you are looking to recreate an existing or new brick project, we have you covered. Our work is completed carefully and our proven process will leave you 100% satisfied. If you want to build a brick porch, brick walkway, or indoor brick wall, we will create a stunning masterpiece, built to withstand the test of time.

Calgary Masonry Services

At Geo Reno & Construction have a team of restoration specialist that takes pride in restoring a building back to its original glory. We do all types of restoration work including but not limited to, historic preservation, tuckpointing, masonry rebuilding, epoxy injections, facade repairs, stone repair, and flashing remediation.

What is Parging?

 Parging is the layer of Portland cement and a special additive that is applied to the exterior of the foundation walls. In the case of a poured concrete foundation, this parging is usually applied above grade to prevent the entrance of moisture and provides a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.
The use of parking below grade on block foundation is often applied in conjunction with a Platon or Blue skin waterproof system.
Parging can be applied to both interior and exterior walls. Parging an interior wall can cover and help to waterproof an old stone wall. In the picture to the right, parging is applied to an interior stone wall to improve the energy efficiency and look of the basement. It also helps protect the basement from water leaking.
At Geo Reno & Construction remove all the unsound parging using a combination of hand tools and hand-held jackhammers. We grind out all cracks, remove any loose material and apply a coat of bonding agent before the parging application.
I Found A Professional Commercial Renovation Company

Debby Samston, NW Calgary

One of the best Reno companies in Canada. Geo Reno provided the best renovation work in my house. I am a happy customer.

Full Reno of 3 Piece Basement Bathroom Completed

Neil J., SE, Calgary

I am very happy with Georeno for the services that you made work.

Residential Renovation, Super Job!

John Van, Alberta, Calgary

Very satisfied with the contractor. on time, professional job. Great work.